Wedding Dress Alterations

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  • With over 20 years experience in our bridal shop, we normally like to start your wedding dress alterations 10 weeks prior to your wedding day. this will allow enough time for 2-3 fittings and pressing and collection.
  • Don’t forget your shoes and underwear that you are intending for the big day. If you need help or advice on this, pop some pictures over to us
  • Some gowns that have been purchased from ebay/china are poorly made and require twice as much work to alter, therefor the alteration charge may be increased
  • Alterations started 4 weeks and below will occur a 25% price increase.

Wedding Gown Alterations

Hems 2 Layers            from £60 to £100

Additional layer            from £30 to £50

Lace hem                     from £120

Lace up back               from £130 to £180

Taking in/out                from £50 to £160

Bust Dart                      from £40 to £80

Shortening Straps        from £20 to £40

Back Bustle                  from £20

Extras to add

Lack neckpiece            from £200

Twinkle for skirt            from £100

Twinkle for train            from £50

Jackets                         from £50

Shrugs                          from £40

Straps                           from £25

Halter neck                  from £20

Bridesmaid Alterations

Hem 2 layers               from £30 to £60

Additional layer           from £15 to £30

Taking in/out               from £50 to £100

Bust Dart                    from £30 to £50

Shortening Straps      from £10 to £20


Wedding Gown          from £25 to £50

Bridesmaids               from £15 to £20


Wedding Gown           from £50

Bridesmaids                from £20


Bridal Travel box                    £59

Bridal Storage box med          £75

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